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BOPET Fillms
BOPET Fillms
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BOPET Fillms

The Manufacturing Process of BOPET Films

PET films, also known as BOPET films, are a highly versatile type of plastic film used in various applications. The manufacturing process of BOPET films involves using high-quality resin and state-of-the-art technology. The process starts with melting the resin and extruding it through a narrow slit die. The film is then stretched in both machine and transverse directions to achieve the desired thickness and properties. The final stage involves heat-setting the film to improve its dimensional stability and other properties. This process results in BOPET films with exceptional mechanical and thermal stability, making them a preferred substrate for various applications.


  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Lamination
  • Textile Yarn
The Different Types of BOPET Films
The Different Types of BOPET Films

BOPET films come in various types, each with unique properties and benefits. Co-extruded clear and ultra-clear films are used in applications that require exceptional clarity and gloss. Chemically coated films provide excellent printability and barrier properties. Opaque white films offer high opacity and excellent printability, while high-strength yarn grade films are used in textile applications. Balanced shrink films offer uniform shrinkage, making them an excellent choice for packaging irregularly shaped products. Base films for hot stamping foil and holograms are used in decorative and security applications, respectively. Electrical grade films provide excellent electrical insulation, making them a preferred choice in the electronics industry.

Quality and Satisfaction
Quality and Satisfaction

Our BOPET films are manufactured using certified raw material suppliers, ensuring their exceptional quality. Our films are safe to be used for food items and are quality-checked by experts to ensure they meet the required standards. We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide films that meet various requirements and applications. Our BOPET films offer exceptional properties, making them a preferred choice for various applications in different industries.

Table / Datasheet of BOPET Fillms
Grade Type
S-101( 8µ - 75µ)
S-102( 8µ - 75µ)
S-103(10µ - 50µ)
S-104(10µ - 50µ)
S-105(12µ - 36µ)
S-106(12µ - 36µ)
S-107(12µ - 23µ)
S-108(12µ - 23µ)
S-108A(12µ - 23µ)
S-109( 8µ - 75µ)
S-110( 8µ - 75µ)
S-111( 12&,50 µ)
S-112( 12 & 50 µ)
S-113( 12 -50 µ)Provisional
S-114( 12 -50 µ)Provisional
S-151( 8µ - 30µ)
S-152( 8µ - 23µ)
S-153( 8µ - 30µ)
S-154( 8µ - 30µ)
S-155( 8µ - 30µ)
S-156( 8µ - 30µ)
S-201( 8µ - 75µ)
S-202( 8µ - 75µ)
S-203( 8µ - 75µ)
S-204( 8µ - 75µ)
S-251( 8µ - 75µ)
S-252( 8µ - 75µ)
S-300 (12µ - 75µ)
S-301(12µ - 75µ)
S-350( 10µ - 23µ)
S-351( 10µ - 23µ)
S-400(12µ - 36µ)
S-401(12µ - 36µ)
S-402( 12µ - 36µ)
S-403( 12µ - 36µ)
S-404( 12µ - 36µ)
S-405( 12µ - 36µ)
S-450( 6.5-15mic)
S-450( 10µ - 23µ)
S-451( 10µ - 23µ)
S-500(15µ - 50µ)
S-501(15µ - 50µ)
S-550(12µ - 23µ)
S-551(12µ - 23µ)
S-552(12µ - 23µ)
S-553(12µ - 23µ)
S-600( 8µ - 75µ)
S-601( 8µ - 75µ)
S-602( 8µ - 75µ)
S-603( 8µ - 75µ)
S-650( 8µ - 75µ)
S-651( 8µ - 75µ)
S-700 (8µ - 75µ)
S-701 (8µ - 75µ)

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