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Started in 1970, with a trading activity & first manufacturing in 1977

Currently the largest manufacturer and exporter of Metallic Yarn and one of the leading manufacturer of BOPET Film, Metalized Film & Lacquered Film. We manufactures all the raw material to produce metallic yarn, from plain polyester film to various Resin, intermediates, chemicals, dyestuff and packaging materials like ABS/PP bobbins, in house-in one single roof.

Sumilon also prides in being India’s only company manufacturing yarns by pure silver metalizing on PET film.

Mr. Sumanlal Atmaram
Founder & the Visionary

Started by Mr Sumanlal Atmaram Jariwala as a trading unit and subsequently a small manufacturing unit for Jari (PET FILM YARN) in the year 1977. His strength in technical knowledge of the Yarn and curiosity to develop new products and applications into textiles, lead the growth of Sumilon Multifold. At a very young age his 2 sons, Mr Mahesh Jariwala and Mr Jitendra Jariwala Joined the buisness and expanded their production facilities and sales through out India and Abroad.

“The carbon footprint
“we” reduce is the
carbon footprint “you” reduce”