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PET Resin

SUPETTM Manufacturing Unit in Gujarat

SUPETTM is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic produced in a manufacturing unit located in Kuchchh, Gujarat. The manufacturing process uses PET resin produced from PTA and MEG in five stages, real-time controlled by an online viscometer, ensuring uniformity, stability, and excellent performance. The unit's strategic location by the port allows for easy export, contributing to the growth of the packaging industry in India and worldwide.


  • Carbonated Soft Drinks and water packaging
  • Food and personal care packaging
  • Recycling PET Resins and Heavy metal free resins
  • BOPET Films and technical textile applications
PET, the World's Packaging Choice
PET, the World's Packaging Choice

PET is widely used in packaging due to its hygienic, strong, lightweight, and freshness-retaining properties. Consumers can identify PET containers by the triangular #1 resin identification code. Health-safety agencies worldwide approve PET as safe for use with foods and beverages due to its inertness. PET's advantages go beyond packaging and include sustainability and recyclability, making it the most recycled plastic globally.

The Sustainability of PET
The Sustainability of PET

PET's sustainability and recyclability make it a preferred choice for packaging in the food and beverage industry. PET recycling reduces energy consumption, saves resources, and diverts plastic waste from landfills and oceans. The recycled PET can be used again and again, reducing the need for virgin PET production. PET recycling creates jobs and stimulates the economy, making it a highly sustainable process.

Table / Datasheet of PET Resin
Grade Type
SAJ Bright chips specification_rev 3
SAJ IDY IV 1.00 chips specification
SAJ LEG chips specification
SAJ Silica Grade R 10 chips specification
SAJ Silica Grade R 20 chips specification
SAJ Silica Grade R4 chips specification
SAJ Silica Grade R6 chips specification
SUPET 304D MW chips specification_01
SUPET 304D QH chips specification
SUPET 312D HF chips specification
SUPET 320D GP chips specification_01
SUPET 320D QH chips specification
SUPET 336D CSD chips specification_01
SUPET 336D QH chips specification
SUPET 356D TWJ chips specification

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