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Speciality Films
Speciality Films
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Speciality Films

High Performance Food Packaging Solutions

Our specialty films are highly appreciated in the food packaging industry due to their superior impact resistance, excellent stiffness, and impressive tensile strength. These films are also known for their reliable seal strength and long shelf life, making them an ideal choice for packaging chips, namkeen, wafers, and other food items. Our films are compatible with a wide range of packaging machines, which makes the packaging process more efficient and effective.


  • Food Packaging
  • Holographic Applications
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Decorative Applications
Versatile Range of Films
Versatile Range of Films

We offer a versatile range of films that cater to various packaging requirements. Our coextruded heat sealable films are perfect for packaging items that require airtight sealing. Our heat sealable/peelable films are ideal for packaging products that need to be peeled off easily, while our Alox coated films provide excellent barrier properties against gases and moisture. We also manufacture PVDC PET films that offer high barrier properties against oxygen and other gases. Our copper metallized films and pure silver metallized films are widely used for packaging high-end stationery products, cosmetics, and holograms.

Innovative Film Solutions
Innovative Film Solutions

We are committed to providing innovative film solutions that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our silicone-coated films offer excellent release properties, making them an ideal choice for pressure-sensitive applications. Our paper metallization films provide excellent printability and are widely used for packaging chocolates, cigarettes, and other products. We also offer soft touch coated films that provide a unique tactile experience, making them ideal for luxury packaging. Additionally, our strip/pattern metallized films and matte films are widely used for decorative and packaging purposes.

Table / Datasheet of Speciality Films
Grade Type
Subarr 101 Ver 02
Subarr 102CT Ver 03
Subarr 102UT Ver 05
Subarr 103 CT Ver 03
Subarr 103UT Ver 04
Subarr SR-102CT
Subarr-VC112 Matt PVDC
Sucoat SL153 Ver 02
Sucoat SR-AFAM
Sucoat- SSFTCT-Eco
Sucoat- SSFTUT-Eco ver 02
Sucoat-VC301 revised 15.03.2022
Sucoat-VC302 revised 15.03.2022
Sucoat-VC303 retort revised 15.03.2022

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